Pump Application and Installation

Of primary importance in every groundwater supply system is a reliable pump; one that is carefully selected and properly installed. Moody's of Dayton installs the highest quality pumps available and our talented team of engineers and geologists will work with you to select the most efficient pump for the job. Metallurgy of components is also a prime consideration in the choice of a pump. 

After the right pump is chosen, our operations team and experienced pump technicians ensure a timely and quality installation. We provide a full range of vertical turbine and submersible pumps in virtually any capacity for applications such as:

  • High Service, Low Service and Intake Applications
  • Industrial and Environmental Projects
  • Municipal and Commercial Water Wells
  • Irrigation Wells
  • Dewatering Operations 

Our engineers have selected pumps for thousands of satisfied customers for application with a wide variety of requirements regarding water quality, quantity and pressure. All types of drives, electric motor, variable frequency and right angle, have been used with customer satisfaction. Over the past 50 years, we have gained a reputation for providing dependable, efficient, economical and long lasting equipment. 

Quality Pumps Ensure Quality Performance 

The rugged, high quality pumps we supply are known for their design excellence. 

These established and respected manufacturers have chosen us as distributors because they have confidence in our groundwater supply systems expertise. The distributorships give us the versatility to supply the proper pump for each application.

The images featured in the sideshow above showcase our In-house Machine Shop

Pump Maintenance Services 

For over a half of a century, we have demonstrated our commitment to quality and dependable customer service. We believe in a time-tested method of pump maintenance, problem solving and preventive maintenance. Since we are a service organization, emergency service is available. We provide a number of problem solving and pump repair services, including:

  • Maintenance and Service: Our trained and experienced crews will come to your site and pull and reinstall your pump. If you typically use your own personnel to pull your pumps, you can ship your pump to our repair facility for total and complete repair. 

  • In-house Machine Shop: We maintain a complete machine shop solely dedicated to pump maintenance so we can to make timely and accurate repairs. We can fabricate parts so that your pump is quickly back in operation.

  • Rebuilding Services: We have the knowledge, personnel and equipment to rebuild pumps of all manufacturers to original standards. We also offer other services such as special coatings.

  • Extensive Parts Inventory: We maintain a large inventory of parts for all pump lines, some of which we are stocking distributors. 

  • Temporary Replacements: We can provide temporary replacement pumps for your use until your original equipment can be reinstalled. 

All of the maintenance and repair services are performed by trained and experienced personnel who have one goal in mind: to keep your system operating reliably and efficiently.