A diverse and extensive equipment inventory is required to operate a municipal and industrial water well drilling, well service, pump installation and service operation. Moody's has mobile cranes, drilling rigs, air compressors, generators, test pumps and shop equipment. 


We maintain a fleet of 14 cranes from 6 to 19 tons lifting capacity, rear and front mounted. These are required to remove and install pumping equipment in various buildings, fields, and odd situations. They are also required to support our well drilling and well service operations. 


Drilling Rigs

We maintain and operate 2 rotary rigs, 3 large cable tool rigs and 5-BE22-W cable tool rigs. The cable tool rigs drill 8" to 40" wells and are used extensively for well services. The rotary rigs can drill test wells or large production wells from 12" to 36" diameter. 

SHOP equipment

We operate a 15,000 SF facility in the Dayton area and a 15,000 SF facility in the Columbus area. Each location contains a pump repair and a machine shop. The Dayton facility also maintains an equipment repair and rebuild facility. Both locations have an extensive stock of shafting, column and other spare parts. 

generators and test pumps

We operate 3 each 100KW generators and one 150KW generator and several smaller generators which can operate our test pumps that range from 100 gpm to 4,500 gpm. 

New and old wells periodically require pump testing with our pumps. 


Well drilling and well service require a large amount of compressed air to properly develop the wells. We operate 10 air compressors from 185 CFM to 600 CFM. Several of the air compressors are mounted directly on the drill rigs.