With over 50 years of practical experience, Moody's of Dayton can provide drilling and pump services in the specialized fields of environmental drilling and pumping systems.

We work with consulting engineers, hydrogeologists, municipalities and industrial concerns to provide a wide range of environmental services.

Services IncludE: 

  • Piezometer Installation
  • Methane Recovery Systems
  • Geotechnical and Containment Sampling
  • Monitoring Well Construction
  • Recovery Well Design and Construction
  • Well abandonment and Closure 
  • Investigative Drilling 


When environmental problems occur, three steps must be taken:

  1. An assessment is made to determine the scope of the problem. We then install monitoring wells to detect and identify pollutants that travel through the groundwater aquifer.
  2. After an assessment is made, we install recovery and extraction wells and pumping systems so that the pollutants can be treated and removed from the aquifer.
  3. Continued observation is provided, when necessary, through the use of monitoring wells.

Well abandonment and closure techniques are utilized to resolve potential environmental problems.

High standards of quality and safety 

In every environmental services project, quality control and field safety are our top priority. 

Field Safety: Our crews are fully informed about, and prepared for, the inherent safety and health hazards of potentially contaminated sites. Crew members are trained in aspects of hazardous waste projects. In addition to taking a 40-hour OSHA training program, field technicians are required to undergo annual physical examinations and complete refresher courses. This training qualifies our personnel for Superfund and environmentally sensitive sites.

Quality Control: Our high standards of quality are maintained in all phases of the monitoring job. We ensure high quality during drilling, contaminate sampling, decontamination, safety and detailed documentation. Our environmental services equipment is maintained through a preventive maintenance program and we provide our crews with protective clothing and personal protection equipment for level C and D protection when necessary. 


As a result of our full line of drilling equipment and our specially trained personnel, we are able to utilize multiple types of drilling methods, well depth or diameter and sampling techniques that are required for your application. In addition, the diversity of our equipment permits us to install wells that meet a variety of design factors and site conditions. As well as, those which specify a broad range of construction materials such as PVC, steel and stainless steel. 

drilling capabilities include: 

  • Cable Tool Systems We use 22W cable tool rigs to install 6" to 16" recovery wells. Larger rigs are available if necessary.
  • Rock Coring Systems, both wireline and conventional.
  • Sampling Equipment including split spoon and Shelby tube. 
  • Hollow Stem Augers Our hollow stem auger rigs and accessory equipment enables us to install 2" or 4" monitoring wells in unconsolidated material from 100' to 150' deep and to install 4" extraction wells.
  • Decontamination Equipment